OCCUPY THE FOOD SYSTEM  | Sunday Dec 4th. 2011

Farmers, Gardeners, Food Workers, Food Justice Activist, and Occupiers coming together to resist corporate control of our food system and speak on ideas of local resilience and urban-rural solidarity.

Speakers will include: Andrew Faust, Jalal Akbar Sabur, Karen Washington, Severine von Tscharner, Jim Gerritsen, and Mike Callicrate

2pm: Gathering at La Plaza Cultural Community Garden (E. 8th St between Avenues B and C)

4pm: Farmers’ March celebrating abundance towards Zuccotti Park

5pm: We will end at Zuccotti Park with a circle of solidarity
and seed exchange.

Please bring seeds to swap!

About the Sustainability Food Subgroup

The Food Subgroup works to strengthen, empower and promote bioregional solidarity within the OWS movement by

    •     Promoting and Supporting  local-farm to kitchen relationships
    •     Encouraging and facilitating dialogue, education and direct action on the issues of sustainable food production, food justice, food sovereignty and corporate control in our local, regional, national and global food systems
    •     Incorporating the principles of food justice and self-sufficiency into the everyday practices of the Occupy Wall Street encampment and the occupiers.